Gila River Indian Community



The General Plan 2021 vision speaks to the Community’s quality of life, land use, services, culture, economy, and history. Our approach to visioning integrates the visions from the seven Districts Master Plans into one and solicits feedback on the vision. The first round of District meetings is a community education and vision session. This meeting will present information developed from our existing conditions research. We will ask participants, using tables focused around each vision topic, to provide input to refine, eliminate, or replace each vision component. We will then ask participants to discuss how the update might shape the future of the Community and describe the types of places they envision (using photo prompts and keypad voting). Based on this workshop, we will initiate updating the use categories. This could include information about how technology will impact how we live and work, changes in demographics impacting lifestyle changes, linking health to our built environment, or changes in transportation that will impact everything.

At the second round of District meetings, the Districts may need to update Capital Improvement Projects in their Master Plans for incorporating them in the General Land Use Plan Update.