The Community Services and its 7 District Service Centers also receives intake applications for Housing assistance, which are reviewed and approved by the Community Housing Department; and for Temporary Emergency Relief Program, which are reviewed and approved by the Office of Emergency Management.





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    The use of funds under this program is to provide assistance to low income households in meeting their home energy costs, particularly those households with the lowest incomes that pay high proportion of household income for home energy and to intervene in energy crisis situations. High priority is given to households in which one or more individuals are receiving

    Supplemental security payments under Title XVI of the Social Security Act (Elderly & Disabled) Food stamps under the Food Stamp Act of 1977(families with young children) payment under United States Code, or under section 306 of the Veterans' and Survivors' Pension Improvement Act of 1978 Households with incomes, which do not exceed the great of an amount equal to 150 percent of he Federal Poverty income guidelines.

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