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525 West Gu u Ki

Sacaton, Arizona 85147


Phone: (520) 562-9790

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About the Enrollment /Census Department (“the enrollment department”)

The Enrollment Department was established to maintain and update the membership roll of the Community in accordance with the Gila River Indian Community Constitution and Title 3, the Membership Code. The department processes new enrollment applications, verifies enrollment status of members, researches and prepares Certifications of Indian Blood (CIB) and issues Tribal Identification cards. The department also works closely with other departments/programs and agencies.

The Enrollment Department is located in the Governance Center in Sacaton, Arizona. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.


Enrollment Forms


Address Update Form (AUF)

The Address Update Form (AUF) is used to update your address at the Enrollment Department. Complete all areas of the AUF and ensure the form is notarized if returning by mail, fax, or third party submittal.


Parent or Guardian: List enrolled children under the age of 18 or incapacitated adults living in your household. If you have guardianship over an enrolled member(s), please provide documentation, (i.e. Court Order or Power of Attorney) for our records.


click here to download AUF form

*If you are unable to download, please contact our office at (520) 562-9790 to request an AUF be mailed to you.


Tribal ID Request Form

Effective January 02, 2018 to be eligible to obtain a Tribal ID by mail -  you must have a current photo* and signature on file at the Enrollment Department.


*photo on file must have the current ID background

If requesting a Tribal ID by mail, please ensure the form is filled out completely and notarized. Also include an $8.00 money order payable to Gila River Indian Community.


Tribal IDs are available to members 18 years of age and older. The first Tribal ID is provided at no cost; replacement cards are $8.00. There is no fee for members age 55+.


For members under the age of 18, the Enrollment Department recommends obtaining a state issued ID for use as a valid form of identification. If it is determined a minor requires a Tribal ID for travel or employment the Enrollment Department may issue a TID. (Proof will be required).


 click here to download TID form

*If you are unable to download, please contact our office at (520) 562-9790 to request a TID form be mailed to you.


Authorization to Release Information Form (ATR)

An Authorization to Release Information Form (ATR) is used to request a Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB), BIA 4432 Employment Form, and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Form (Eagle Feather Permit). When completing the ATR make sure all areas of the form are filled out completely, and ensure the form is notarized if returning by mail or fax or third party submittal.


click here to download ATR form

*If you are unable to download, please contact our office at (520) 562-9790 to request an ATR form be mailed to you.


Membership Requirements

An applicant or parent/guardian is required to complete the new enrollment process in person by appointment or by mail to the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) Enrollment Department; all required documents must be provided at time of application submittal.


Requirements: Applicant must have a biological parent enrolled with the Gila River Indian Community and must be at least one-fourth (1/4) Indian blood quantum.


The following documents must be submitted at the time of enrollment application submittal.


1. Original certified birth certificate

2. Original social security card

3. Photo ID for adults

4. If one of the applicant’s parents is a member of another federally recognized tribe, the

following are required:

a. Documentation verifying non-membership (VNM) in another federally recognized tribe

(for applicant)

b. Current Certification of Indian Blood (CIB) (for parent) *

5. For legally adopted applicants the following are required;

a. Adoption decree

b. Original certified birth certificate listing adoptive parent(s) and an original certified birth

certificate listing biological parent(s)

c. Social security card reflecting adoptive name


*The CIB and VNM will be considered valid for 6 months from the date issued by other tribe.

(CIBs with an expiration date sooner than 6 months will be accepted until date indicated).


* Other tribal enrollment agencies may fax or mail the CIB and VNM directly to the GRIC

Enrollment Department.


The Enrollment Department accepts applications on a daily basis by appointment; applications

are processed on a quarterly basis. Applications received January-March will be processed in

April; applications received April-June will be process in July; applications received July-

September will be processed in October; application received October-December will be

processed in January of the following year


Please contact the department at (520) 562-9790 to schedule an appointment.


Applications for Membership Packet



Physical Location: 525 West Gu u Ki' Sacaton, AZ 85147

P.O. Box 97, Sacaton, AZ 85147

Phone: (520) 562-9790

Fax: (520) 562-8103