Department of Community Housing Description:


  • Provide for the construction of new rental unit from Federal funded sources (NAHASDA)

  • Provide for the repair and maintenance of existing stock of housing built previously from Federal funding sources

  • Provide for the management of rental unit built and maintained through Federal funding and implementation of Community policies on said rental units

  • Provide for the awareness education to Tenants of housing regarding Drugs, violence and gangs within the Community

  • Serve Rental and Homeownership tenants by annual certifications and inspections

  • Provide housing counseling services, and intake for eligibility for housing assistance



Contact Information:


Maintenance Office (520) 796-4550 to request work orders

Maintenance On-Call (520) 610-1300

Security On-call (520) 610-1342

Housing Services Program (520) 562-3904


Name: Derwin Cooper, Director

Phone Number: (520) 562-3904

Address: P.O. Box 528

Sacaton, AZ 85147

Fax Number: (520) 562-3927

Email: DCH.Housing.Services@GRIC.NSN.US


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